April 8th, 2008

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The inevitability of Starbucks infection in major urban areas, by fallen_scholar:

I mean, I'm so anti-Starbucks that - well, I can't say how anti-Starbucks I am because the Statute of Limitations has yet to toll, but, suffice it to say, I found myself in them, wondering what the hell just happened, why I had a crappy skim latte, and why I'd just taken out a line of credit on my house to pay for the damn thing.

Context just wants a scone, some oolong & a round of Boggle.
So Many Idiots

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shinga has some interesting insight:


Female: "You're not acting the way I want so I'm going to insult you with things that aren't actually insults, for example calling you overweight or insinuating that you have a TON OF EVIL SEX (translation: more than I do) and despite the fact that there is not actually any reason I have it better than you in life,
you wish you were me."

Male: "You're not acting the way I way I want you to so I'm going to insult you with things that aren't actually insults, for example saying that you are attracted to a gender that isn't mine because there can be no other feasible reason you won't sleep with me, and I too may also insinuate that you are having a TON OF EVIL SEX (translation: not with me)"

Wow, you're right. It's totally the same thing. Were I currently in college, that would deserve a whole paper written about it. ;)

Context is having a little too much fun with trolls.

kjpepper interrupts a meme to lead us in prayer:

"Our god who art fabulous, Tim Gunn be thy name, your fashions come, thy will be done, in the workroom and on the runway. Give us this day our daily style, and forgive us our crimes against fashion as we forgive those that still think hot pants and legwarmers are haute couture. And lead us not into midriff baring tops, but deliver us from the color schemes of the seventies, for thine is the fabulousness, the metrosexual, the cultured, forever and ever. Make it work."

Context will be back after its 3am bad decision.
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