April 7th, 2008

Boots Smile
  • mhael

Four Out of Five Cats Disagree...

faeflitt is dealing with a coup at her house:

Four of our five cats just got into a HUGE row. There are clumps of cat fur stuck FOUR FEET up the wall in the upstairs hallway. I have found one whisker and two claw casings so far. I have no idea what happened. Neither does the Alpha male who I finally found hunkered down behind a chair in another room looking as bewildered as a King on the losing side of a coup.

Open entry, QWP.

Context doesn't want to know what will be used for mortar attacks...
Hippy Brewhexe

count_libido has an idea for a new line of toys.

Transformers 2 - my idea
I have an idea for a new range of Decepticons to be brought out in time for the next Transformers film. They're called the Obstructicons and they all transform into vehicles that are designed to piss off the average motorist, especially on single carriageways. We have:

Daisypusher - The Hearse

Oo-R - The Tractor

Stall - The School of Motoring hatchback

Rambler - The Caravan

Graylock - The Shopmobility Scooter

Expect to see them in Toys R Us soon!

Context is looking forward to Christmas. Public entry but QWP anyway.