April 5th, 2008

burnt toast

felis_ultharus critiques CBC programming

You know, I've never been a heavy-metal fan in the slightest, but even I can tell that Brent Bambury talking about this stuff sounds like an old man trying to discuss drugs, using the "heppest" slang possible.

Oh well -- it's better than sex with pigeons, which was his opening topic.

Go is the worst program, bar none, on the CBC. And that includes Pearls of Wisdom (is that even still on anymore?) which might feature Jazz-Kletzmer-fusion yodellers from Senegal, or the vocalizations of giant singing yaks recorded on deteriorating wax cylinders.

David Wisdom had every recording the human race had ever made in digital form, hit shuffle every week, and called it a show. But even he never reached the 9th circle of atrocious -- beyond even Caïna, Antenora, Ptolomæa, and Judecca -- where are imprisoned, in Bamburia, traitors to taste.

No, I don't know why I listen to
Go. It goes beyond my usual masochism. It's radio that should come with a safe word.

Context is half an hour later in Newfoundland.