April 3rd, 2008

or so they say, air quotes

So apparently NKOTB are making a new album...

And manman85 thinks that doesn't make much sense on this plane of existence:

Okay, reuniting on a talk show to discuss their lives makes sense. Doing a reunion tour…slightly less sense. MAKING AN ALBUM…there is no plane of existence in which that makes sense. It would make more sense if *NSYNC got back together and Justin Timberlake was like “yeah, success is BORING. I miss singing ‘This I Promise You’ and hanging out with Chris Kirkpatrick.”

I want to live in that make-believe land in which NKOTB can release an album and become relevant again. And then John Lennon comes back to life and has to write for the Revived NKOTB (OMOTB, as I call them) since they have edged past The Beatles as The Most Popular Band of All Time. Elvis opens for them on tour. Boy bands come back in fashion, the world reverts to a simpler time, terrorism ends, it is okay to wear sweatshirts with a sports bra showing, AIDS is cured, Taboo comes back to Broadway and sweeps the Tonys (A movie is in the works. Zombie Freddie Mercury is set to play Philip Sallon.). Jim Carrey’s "The Last Audience Member" becomes the only reality show on TV. He searches out the last non-famous person who is therefore the most famous person in the world because fame cannot exist without its opposite. Naturally, I win this show. And thus Armageddon takes place.

Basically the whole post, QWP.
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