April 1st, 2008

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i wish music reviews could be like this now...

Over at wtf_inc widdertwin posts about twelve-tone composition...

lenkenhad this to say about it:
I've always thought Schönberg's experiments with atonality were interesting. Weird, but interesting.

But, needless to say, his experimentalism wasn't exactly greeted with open arms in the early twentieth century. Some of the reviews from the early 1900s were rather telling:
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Hai Yoo Guiyz...

Hey, Shay here. Hope everything's going well. Look, is that a robin? I believe it is! Hooray, it's spring*! And that means it's time for spring cleaning, yay!

So the mods put on our rubber gloves, tied our hair back in a kerchief, went through the rules and cleaned them up a bit... not that anything's really that much different, but you might want to take a look at the hot new streamlining.

By the way, we were thinking of adding a rule saying saying something like, "Don't spam the comm with posts on hot topics, use an LJ cut instead" but wonder if that would be too clunky or vague... any thoughts?

(*Except for you Aussies and other Southern folks, in which case yay, it's fall! The crocs are turning red and the snakes are burying small prey to last them through their winter hibernations!)
hwaet ye foqque
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On the subject of dueling magic-users, wishiwasnt has the following to say:

He's seen shit, man. He came under heavy fireball attack at Enchanted Forest and lost his familiar! Starshadow didn't care what he thought about elf rights at Castle Ponyweather. There was no parade when he leveled up and got 12 more hitpoints after singlehandedly defeating the orc hordes of Lord Evillus! When you stick your hand into a pile of goo that used to be your magical flying unicorn's face, you'll know what to do! Forget it man, it's Rivendell!

And also:

I also call various Tibetan demons...at will...

Like, sometimes it'll be Sunday morning at 5am and I'll just call up Hatshepshut and be like, "Sup?" And he'll be all like, "Why you call me so early?" And I'll be like, "Shut the fuck up; I call you at will, bitch" and he'll just sit there and take it.

That's how [name removed] rolls.

Context is putting on its robe and wizard hat. Public comm.

jazzatron is on a quest

Maybe to counteract the artifical goofiness of the day, I shall endeavor to seek wisdom...at least, seek more directly than usual. I shall wade through the Ocean of Murkiness to try to find some Pearl of Wisdom hidden in the Oyster of Stupidity. Along the way, I shall combat the dreaded Octopus of the Overextended Metaphor. His name is Scungili. He's actually kind of cute, in a strange, cephalapod kind of way. But I digress.

Context likes his overextended metaphors with a bit of lemon
[Art] Deeeeeerrrrp?
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QWP: Because sweet-innudeno makes me laugh.

When you become homeless there are two things that you quickly learn to accept as inevitable and unavoidable. Firstly, your not going to have a home. That one's pretty obvious really, the clue is in the title. Secondly, as well as not having a permanent address you are inevitably going to be lonelier than that last licorice flavoured jelly bean that everyone leaves to fend for itself at the bottom of the jar. It doesn't matter how much someone else may try to sell you to their friends or how many other beans are being consumed around you, the truth is nobody wants you and they sure as hell wont be putting you in their mouths any time soon.
Context is left at the bottom of the jar.
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charlie dancing

bluestocking79 really just wanted something to drink

Allow me to begin by expressing my appreciation of the soda can. I am very much in favor of the soda can. It is shiny and pretty, covered in eye-catching graphics and enticing words like 'vanilla' and 'zero' and 'caramel coloring.' It draws the eye and the envy of those poor souls who lack cans. It is satisfyingly cool in my hand when it has been well-chilled, and can even serve as a makeshift cold pack in emergency injury situations.


I cannot express my sadness at being deprived of the delight of calorie-free vanilla soda. I had not realized that the 'zero' of Coke Zero referred to the fact that the can would contain zero Coke.

Context thinks cans should be both pretty and functional, and is QWP.