March 29th, 2008

sammka and weis206 start the ball rolling...

Me: "Barack Obama is essentially raffling off dinner with himself, apparently"
Mike: Ooh, that sounds nice. As a fundraiser for his campaign, I assume?
Me: yeah, sort of.
anyone who donates to the campaign between now and Monday gets a chance to get dinner with him
(only 4 people win)
(this vaguely reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
Mike: (Hee.)
(And whoever survives the dinner is his running mate.)

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QWP. Context is chugging Fizzy Lifting Drinks and watching the polls.
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halfway_back's post

Wouldn't it be great if the people who created Cheaters did a program called Claims Returned?

Me: "You have a fine of $3 for late returns."
Patron: "I turned those in on Saturday when they were due."
M: "I'll be the judge of that. [pulls out television monitor] According to our detectives, you drove by the library that day. The next day, you turned in the three movies after the library had closed. You remember Sunday, don't ya? You got Chinese takeout. [points to the screen] And here's you mowing the lawn."
P: "..."
M: "Yeah, so you still owe us $3."
P: "..."
M: "And, while we are in the vein of "I'm right and you're not", your wife is in fact cheating on you. But you'll have to talk to my producer if you want to see that footage." [pushes the television waiver across the desk]

Have a nice day!

The context thinks Cheaters should work in the library.
agent may is unimpressed

ursulav, on the importance of timing

Panels have been fine--light attendance, except for the one I shared with George R.R. Martin. (Dude. Talk about being outclassed on stage...) I figured it was my job to be funny, and his to be actually informative. Fortunately the man has a great sense of humor. The title of the panel was "Character Abuse." He turns to me at the opening and says "I don't feel I'm particularly abusive. Are you abusive?"

I couldn't help it. Here I am, wearing black leather from head to toe, looking like an advertisement for the House of Consensual Pain, and the man feeds me a straight line like that in front of a hundred people. I HAD to say it... "Not unless you buy me dinner first, honey."

...I blame the boots.

Context is having a fantastic time at the convention, thankyew very much.