March 28th, 2008

ishidashipper offers a quick zoology lesson...

ishyface: Dildoes "act like penises"?

Quite aside from the fact that dildoes don't "act like" anything- hello, inanimate object much?- this makes me want to set up a fuckin' Discovery Channel documentary or something. "Initally, the gentle dildo's habits may seem akin to those of the common penis..."

*cut to a shot of a beautiful herd of wild penii running free across the plains*

Their testicles would be their hooves! It'd be like they were waddling!

shenth: Discovery Channel has done worse.

Context must be approached carefully, so as not to frighten it. (Comm-locked, QWP.)

I am totally stealing this next time I need to describe insanity

[info]kuangning: [...] We can almost all of us see that this woman's a few fries short of a Happy Meal, don't worry. :)

No, she's an entire Amazon River Basin cattle ranch, Idaho potato farm, artesian Coca-Cola well, and American Cyanamid cocktail of lethal additives short of a happy meal.

Context will be even better if you've read this post.
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villainny is poignant rather than haha funny:

What I want, still, more than anything in the world, is to find out that stories are real. I am still careful around wardrobes and watch avidly through the gaps in broken-down walls and try to spot the people from London Below on the Tube.

I haven't flung myself against the wall in Kings Cross, yet, but I take great delight in watching other people do so. XD

I make up stories about the people I see, especially if they vanish into nondescript doors or walk into blind alleys or look a little freaked out by the crazy girl people around them. I love Torchwood because I know where the aliens are!

I don't want to grow out of this, thank you. Growing up is overrated.
- Context lives 90% of its life in its own head and is the entire post.

miriams_well says LJ is an apartment community. With annoying landlords.

I remember when Frank first sold the complex, back in early 2005. It felt a little tense at first. And there were a few of those "don't bother the neighbors too much" notices, it's true. But nothing too bad. I kept on nesting. Most importantly, I've built tons of relationships with my neighbors here on LJlandia. The new owners didn't get in the way of that, and so I was happy.

Now, I'm not sure what to do.

See, there's the new owners.

First, they started putting up billboards. Like, everywhere. HP this and Gwen Stefani that. The funny thing is, it backfires. I like Gwen Stefani. Or, I did. But I ain't no hollaback girl, and I don't like her billboards at my entrance gate. They still kept pictures of Frank around, too, but the real Frank is no where to be found these days.

Oh yeah, gates. You know those "unsightly" notices that you get in overzealous HOA's? We started getting those. Be sure to put any content which might offend behind a gate, and lock it.

Ah. Okay.

Context from Miriam's "there goes the neighborhood" post.

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 The interweb keeps messing with beccatoria's rose coloured glasses:

The one thing I've decided about the interwebs (which I think is actually something I've noticed about real life via the interwebs), is that if someone says something with enough conviction that appears to be "against" something "bad", a frighteningly large per centage of the audience will not look beyond, "This person has lots of words and is fighting against one of those BAD things! This person is so smart!" And then I get depressed.

And then I remember that the real purpose of the interwebs is to watch loltastic videos on YouTube and chat to cool people on LJ, and my faith in the universe is temporarily restored.

Context is in response to my response to that post. Oh yeah. You know the one.