March 25th, 2008

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kali921 has yet to stop being surprised by the Internet

Things I Thought I'd Never Experience, Chapter 417: I never thought I'd wake up one morning, slurring my words from lack of sleep and general existential malaise, brew up a cup of tea strong enough to spontaneously animate the Statue of Liberty into sentience, boot up LiveJournal, and see a post about someone gleefully offering up a kidney for RP plot. OH HAI, CAN I GIVE UP A KIDNEY CAN I CAN I CAN I?

Context is shunning the unbeliever. (Locked, QWP) And the original poster has generously unlocked it for us! \o/
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Deb's going in for sugery

"Speaking of resisting temptation, they also asked Deb at one point if she had any religious or cultural traditions she needed them to follow in the operating room. She was good and told them no; I'm already designing the brand new cultural traditions of Northern New England Neo-Shinto Revivalism so that if I'm ever asked this question I'll be ready. (So far it involves taiko drumming, godswraith and whaleomelette portraying Ben Franklin and Captain Hook ((possibly as conjoined twins)), and the great ritual blessing by Mungor the White-Bellied Totem Duck. Cover that, Blue Cross.)"

oakenguy plans out the rites, qwp.
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out of the mouthes of babes

Today's episode of The Things They Say
In the grocery store this morning, I got one of those three-packets of yeast and explained to her about 20 times (to the amusement of a fellow shopper) what yeast was for. As we approached the checkout, she held it up and said, "I can read this." "OK," I said, "Read it to me." Pointing at each packet in turn, "Bread! Bread! Bread!"

Me: What do you want for supper?
Her: I want chicken.
Me: What if we don't have chicken?
Her: I want Elmo.
Me: You want to eat Elmo for supper?
Her: Yes.

She's sitting in Daddy's lap, but he has to get up.
Her: I want to sit in Daddy's lap.
Daddy: I need to go cook the chicken. Can you sit in Mommy's lap?
Her: Yes. *goes to mommy's lap*
...a moment passes...
Her: I farted in Daddy's lap.

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The Real Me?

miseri shares a little insight

In a post regarding people voicing opinions that others consider hurtful or reprehensible...

I told a tale about your sister
To bolster my reputation at the cost of her own.
The rumour has spread from ear to ear
And she dares not show her face
For fear of disapproval or worse.
Do not take it personal, it was not about you.
Yesterday when you were unhappy I took you in hand
Made you laugh and gave you cheer
Can we still be friends?

I wanted your cousin's vineyard for my own
So I twisted the law and crossed some palms
And had it transferred to my name.
Now your cousin cries out for justice
And I must have him removed.
Do not take it personal, it was not about you.
Last week when you were hurt I lent you comfort
My shoulder on which to pour your tears.
Can we still be friends?

I flayed the skin from some unknown peasant
And used his severed head for sport.
The reason was that I was bored
And he was there ... so what of it?
He was nothing to you.
So do not take it personal, it was not about you.
Last year when you were in trouble I came to your aid
Erased your debts and gave you hope.
Can we still be friends?

Context is flocked, comment is QWP.