March 24th, 2008

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seperis was nearly run down in a parking lot this morning.

2 - my relatives. You don't know them, but my sisters are nuts and Child has the creepy potential to turn into Inigo Montoya with a laser "You killed my mother, prepare to die." It's not that I encourage it, it's just how it is. Now, granted, my sisters are a toss-up; this could go to the WHEE INSURANCE place, but one can plead post-partum depression and the other can plead some kind of during pregnancy depression and both can do basic math. If you are worth more than my insurance, the words 'wrongful death suit' are in your future. And they will cart in everyone that ever was in the same room with me to cry at my tragic death and wasted potential. Tiny infant nieces and nephews will be held up and poked to bring tears. Child will cry artistically for the cameras. While plotting your demise. Again, think of Inigo Montoya. I cannot emphasize too much that Child has the potential to build his own island and start experimenting on things I'm pretty sure only show up in comic books.

Context is way too logical for speedsters
Magic Smiff

iskroot3 brings the snark on a nagging grammar post at torch_wood.

Hello Grammar Police! I feel so much better knowing you're hitting the beat. Also, my words feel much safer knowing you're around.

Just the other days, I saw an "i" instead of an "I" and I couldn't post for hours. No joke! I thought, what if that happened to me? Honestly, you never think that kind of stuff can happen to you until it happens to somebody you know.

By the way, is there a tip line I can call? Wait, would it be cool if I started a community block watch? I bet I could get a few other of my "neighbors" together. This could be fun!

And, when asked permission to metaquote:

Of course.

But get a Beta to check it over first, I may have made some mistakes.

Context is fighting the grammar power.

rikoshi meta'ed the wrong comment, IMO.

orwellian_trash, in wtf_inc, regarding this picture:

I like how the 'NOT GAY' clarification has clearly been added after the sign itself. Almost as if they were sitting round on their porch one night, not talking about anything in particular, and one of them strikes up with "Say, fellahs, you don't think callin' this place Rainbow Ranch makes us sounds like faggots, do ya?". There is an sudden awkward silence as they all stop chewing their tobacco for a moment as the realisation all hits them at the same time, they swap nervous glances before one of them clears their throat and dismisses accusations of homosexuality with a grunt and "Ah, best get another sign up. Just to be sure." and they all sit back and contemplate what just happened in silence which is broken only by a bug getting zapped behind them.
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lanyingjie studies biology

Explain why it is unlikely that any daughters fathered by R (haemophiliac and colour blind) would suffer from haemophilia or colour blindness.

Ahah! So having dutifully mugged why, this man ventures to scribble:

R must marry a Wait, who said anything about marriage! The question asked about daughters fathered by R, legitimate or otherwise. Let's try again.

R must screw a carrier for the conditi Halt! That's rather colloquial eh? Bad idea. Strike two.

R must have sex with a Stop! Oh darn, what is it now? Oh you mean I forgot about IVF and the possibility of artificial insemination? Good point.

R must mate with Now now, are we breeding R in a human testcross? So degrading!

So in frustration, I used the powers that we learnt in the mystical art of GP: answer in terms of the question.

R must father a daughter with a female carrier of either disease to even have a chance of daughters with the disease.

There we go, nicely done. And I hope R appreciates the lack of assumptions on my part for his preferred mode of uh, se-no, uh, screwin-no. Ah, REPRODUCTION.

Context has an upcoming exam
Izma Headache

You know, "Dick Flicks" never caught on and I'm not sure why.

serai: Elektra Assassin is my favorite graphic novel EVAH, so I was especially pained at how she was changed from Unstoppable Force to Cute Chick Who Can Kickbox. Didn't see the Catwoman film, though I totally believe you that they fucked that one up as well.

apocalypsos:Okay, imagine that you'd never actually heard of Catwoman. Now imagine everybody on the planet is in a line. You're at the end. Bob Kane, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Eartha Kitt are at the beginning. And in the middle, nobody speaks English.

It's a game of Telephone to teach you about Catwoman, and whatever you're told by the schlub next to you, you have to use to write a script.

Aaaaaand, Catwoman.

Context is half dreading the Wondy movie

ghoulchick has an big evening planned.

Kids: "Dinner! Play with us! Watch us do things! I need some banana bread! I need a pencil! I need help with my shoes! I need to practice typing! Let's snuggle! Et cetera!"
Email: "Read me! Respond to me! Why are you neglecting me?"
Local taxes: "Bitch, do I have to take a hostage to get you to file me?"
Trash: "Take me out!"
Recycling: "Oh, me too!"
Kids' bedroom: "Are you ever gonna finish painting me?"
Fruit flies: *taunt*
Laundry: "I'm not going to fold myself, you know!"
Me: *hides*

Context dislikes Mondays. Locked, QWP.