March 22nd, 2008

say what?

Oh baby, you make my nose bleed!

wyntir_rose's Transformers fic gets a review from an anime fan, and she's not quite sure what to make of it. paranoia_pistol offers a translation:

O.O = "I am wide-eyed and utterly shocked, but not entirely disgusted."
*ANIMENOSEBLEED* = "Your writing has caused me to become sexually aroused, which I express through the excretion of blood through my nostrils."
ACK! = "My word!"
Tissues, tissues! = "The blood-flow has, in fact, reversed from my olfactory senses and has chosen to instead flow towards my pubic region."
WHERE'RE MY TISSUES?!!!! = "Apparently I have misplaced my tissues, and now I truly do require them for the upcoming task of disposing of any unnecessarily exposed fluids."

Context is sweatdropping.
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