March 21st, 2008

Calvin and Hobbes laughing

Suba_al_hadid just taught her children how to insult people in Geek...

"My nine-year-old son is the last of my children to learn how to count on his fingers in binary. So far he can count to 31 on one hand. He's learned the significance of the number "4". So tonight I introduced him to the values on the other hand, particularly "128". Naturally we then had to combine the values for the full effect. So now we know what to say to people who are severely annoying us (with minimal repercussion): One Thirty TWO, baby!"

QWP, context is delivering the binary birdie in more ways than one.
agent may is unimpressed

dandesun is all about the dancing

Speaking of Edyta, she's dancing with Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins. He kept going on about being manly and having to go back into the locker room after this and endure the ribbing from the guys. Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith have Super Bowl rings. Jerry Rice came in second. Emmitt Smith won. Jerry keeps coming back to do DanceCenter bits with Kenny Mayne. If these guys can do it AND THEY HAVE SUPER BOWL RINGS then I don't want to hear the bitching about 'manliness' from anyone else.

Context thinks ballroom dancing is the epitome of manliness, itself.
Dead Horse

Mod stuff

So as I see it:

People are now in the unique position of talking about people grumping about other folks complaining about some people whining about a group NOT talking for for a day.

This gives me a headache, and I don't like headaches. They hurt my head. So please, do everyone a favor- for the next couple days, if it's something about the LJ/boycott kerflufflabaloo, kindly put it behind a cut. That way interested parties can read it, and people who whine about reading 'yet another thing on this' will have no one but themselves to blame.

Fair enough?

For my next trick... I'm gonna need a sword and a baby. And then I'm gonna swordfight a baby*!

*This is sorta true, it is lovely weather outside so my son and I are gonna go play at being pirates.
PR || Cosmos

gramarye1971 has an important announcement.

For the record: If I ever become a supervillain, I will be known as Interrobang.

Naturally, my nefarious yet unutterably brilliant plot for world domination will be designed to provoke a combined reaction of surprise, confusion, alarm, and dismay, and I might as well provide everyone with the appropriate punctuation mark for such a response.

That is all.

Unlocked post; that is, indeed, all.
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