March 14th, 2008


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With all of the wank in news lately, amyrose invisions their next post:

A future news post:

Dear LJ community

We have been working hard lately on improving things in general. We thought we would update you on our latest achievements. In the last 6 months we have:

*cured cancer
*paid off all members' student loans
*ended world hunger

We will continue working hard at building a better future


Commenter 1 : FIRST!
Response to Comment 1: Yay!

Commenter 2: In b4 wank!!!!

Commenter 3: Fuck you LJ! You suck! I'm never trusting you again!

Commenter 4: [picture of macro]

Commenter 5: What about more icons?
Response to Comment 5: yeah, and how will this affect paid accounts?


Commenter 7: I'm just here for the lulz.

Commenter 8: That's not fair to those of us who have a different disease like Asperger's, and don't have student loans but might have mortgages and THOSE OF US WHO HAVE TO PAY FOR GROCERIES!!!!!! I want internet justice!

and it will just go on from there......

QWP, naturally!
Bear Nuts

Baron Samedi's couch is comfy

ursulav runs some errands.

So I went out to Food Lion to grab some popsicles, and some razors.

While I was wandering around the disposable razors, trying to decide whether I wanted Super Extreme Ubershave or Extreme Supershave Plus, Now With Bunnies! or whatever the cheapass pink one is, I saw this...stuff.

It was in an aerosol can, and said "High John the Conquerer Spray."

I stared at it for awhile. I've heard of High John the Conquerer root, which is something that gets used in hoodoo,* but spray?

Complicating the matter, there was a can next to it in Spanish, with a picture of the virgin Mary, and a label which I'm pretty sure was "Virgin of Guadalupe Spray" or something similar.

Now, had this been over by the devotional candles, I would not have batted an eyelash, but the fact that this was in the haircare products had me a little baffled. Is themed shaving cream? Hairspray? Religious iconography for devout Catholics in handy aerosol form?

*I know this because I am a well-rounded individual, not because I have been making voodoo dolls in the basement. I own neither dried snakeskins nor black cat bones. Baron Samedi and I are only passing acquaintances. He wouldn't let me crash on his couch or anything.