March 13th, 2008

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the weather changes here more often than most change their underwear.

myownmemento has been having a terrible row with Mother Nature:

Dear Louisiana,

So despite taking Vitamin C supplements for the last two months, drinking tons of Naked juice (basically 4 lbs. of fruit per bottle/ no additional crap like high fructose corn syrup), and swigging two liters of water yesterday, my body has decided to take a break from my 2 years of no illness and has contracted some form of pestilence that is setting up nicely in my chest.

I blame you for this, Louisiana, with your rising pollen level, fickle warm/cold fluxations, and general lack of decorum. I suggest you be the glistening southern belle that every writer, poet, hobo/citizen suggests you can be, take your hormone pills, and strip yourself of the health raping strap-on. I just want raging hot or raging cold for a period longer than twenty minute spurts. I don't think that's too much for a girl to ask.

Coughing like a first time smoker and counting down till moving away,
A very sick and belligerent Whitney


entry is friends-locked and QWP.

nautiluspq says what we've all thought. (QWP.)

When I was a young girl, I did not dream of having a pony, or a mansion. No, I dreamed of having a label maker. Oh, the things I could label! I could organize my toy chest, or put subject labels on my bookshelf!

But I never did get a label maker, and slowly my dream shriveled into dust, only showing itself with a brief twinge of melancholy when I saw labeled shelves in school. That is, until today. Today, we began spring cleaning in the lab. Today, we opened the mysterious upstairs closet that I hadn't realized existed.

Today, we found the label maker.

Today, my life is complete.

Context can label everything.
Glass Half Full

ashenmote, for one, welcomes our new overlords

But seriously, I think it's irresponsible to invite users to Livejournal who are essentially overwhelmed with a multiple choice question and then force them into a journal type where they have to choose between 10 icons, over 130 moods and face a hell lot of complicated features.

The responsible thing would be to implement a new journal type, the Binary Journal, with the following predefined options:

• Polls: One-question bullet point, restricted Yes/No range
• Moods: Good, Bad
• Location: At home, Away
• Friending limit: One friend per User
• Security levels: "Just me" and "Me and my friend"
• Interests: Legal, Illegal
• Icons: Default, Breastfeeding

Voila. User friendly.

Context is binary.
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dean *smile*

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In a thread over in news, there's discussion of SUP's utter failure to grok their user base:

snarkbite: Existing users *are* new users, over and over again. People create new accounts at the drop of a hat at LiveJournal.

cmdr_zoom: And that's what they're trying to stop, duh. "Your usage habits WILL conform to our business model."

dubiously: In Soviet Russia, LJ update you?

Context is waiting in line for bandwidth.
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