March 7th, 2008


When US history and pop culture collide.

I lamented the stupidity of my students about Jim Crow laws on a test, and got this response:

gonadsandstrife: They were thinking of Jim Croce laws, obviously.
deathbytamarind: They dictate the following:
Leroy Brown was/is/shall be heretofore known as bad.
Leroy Brown was/is/shall be heretofore known as the baddest man in the whole damn town.
Leroy Brown was/is/shall be heretofore known as badder than old King Kong.
Leroy Brown was/is/shall be heretofore known as meaner than a junkyard dog.
Jessica Rabbit

Found in the ever-amusing ayeshak's journal

This kitten!
It's just... It's TOO MUCH, cap'n!
The engines canna handle it!! I'm not a miracle worrrrrrker!

...With the purrin'!
And the eyes that are all i's-so-young-i-cannots-focus-yet-mew!
And the double-paw i's-so-s'eepy head rub at the end.............!
And THEN I found aNOTHer vid of the same kitten and its mom.

That video can be summed up roughly thus:

mom: *tail switching*
kitteh: *bat. bat. bat. batbatbat*
mom: *supafast GLOMP*

mom: i shall groooooooooom you!!
k: nyerhe! i shall reseeest!
mom: eet shall do no good. i has you.

k: i am bored so now i shall fight you!
mom: *pwnage*

later still
mom: *tail switching*
k: *bat. bat. BAT BAT BATBATBAT*

ME: *izded*

Context thinks any man who could perform such a feat, I wo'd na dare disappoint. She'll launch on time. And she'll be ready. QWP.
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the_glow_worm wishes spring would just come already.

Argh. You and your 72 degree weather. CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU AND ALL YOUR FAVORABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS! Right now, Virginia is kind of wavering between an old obligation to Winter and being seduced by a brighter, younger Spring, who is enticing Virginia with tulips and animals in heat. Virginia can't resist seeing Spring behind Winter's back, but what is this strange power that Winter has over Virginia? They could make a soap opera out of this. Virginia is going between seasons like Lindsey Lohan's going between DUIs (Ooh, low blow, I know). Next episode, the sudden and inexplicable return of Autumn! Which wouldn't actually surprise me.

Context is really Spring's mother's evil twin's clone's unborn baby.