March 6th, 2008

OH NOES, not happy

krakenwakes has a dream:

My predictions for the results of future American presidential elections:

Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, BUSH, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Bush, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Bush, BUSH, BUSH. American electorate DIES OF BOREDOM! Ralph Nader becomes president - corsets compuslory for males under the age of ten years old, mispelling of the word tomato made a capital offense. New generation of voters emerges. Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Bush, American troops withdraw from Iraq. Clinton, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Bush. END OF WORLD.

Context never said it was a nice dream.
Tongue, Flirty


In my own journal, after beginning to make some connections about furry superstardom.

rikoshi: If pink is the new black, and Asperger's is the new bisexuality, then it can only logically follow: Diego is the new Chester.

tilton: Meh, really I'm just Asperger-curious.

Context contains furfaggotry.
Yay Im fin Jorden, epic skills, face/fueltank OTP, woooooow

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recon_skink really doesn't like bad RP:

The excuse 'it's just my character' wears thin after number four. Hint: If you want to RP with a storyline make a character capable of dealing with other people on any sort of level.

I will cover you in bees.

Quoted with permission given an absolute age ago, full post is here.

fox1013 provides insightful analysis of the Democratic primary race . . .

Clinton supporters are like really obsessive Buffy fans. They don't understand how everyone isn't watching their show. It's because it's about a girl, isn't it? Dude, there's a MESSAGE in this one. The "high school is hell" metaphor is a good starting place, but look at the amazing ways that was expanded upon. There's a clear five-season arc. There's a plan. This show single-handedly (okay, with Dawson's Creek) supported the WB for YEARS. When you take everything else away, their heroine is right there, simultaneously being a strong character and a strong female role model. This show not getting an Emmy nom is a TRAVESTY.

Obama supporters are like Browncoats. They can't believe the way that TPTB at FOX can move around the schedule, screwing with Firefly's chances of success. Haven't people paid attention? This show is amazing. It's a new and inventive melding of genres that's never been done before. The writing is new and inspired, and there's a sense of fighting against outrageous odds, and yet succeeding through honor and virtue. You can't blame the fans for being militant supporters, especially not by the time they actually get a MOVIE out of the deal; they have done the impossible, and that makes them mighty.

(For the sake of everyone involved, I am not going to explain how Nielsen ratings, time shifting, cities not getting the WB, and illegal downloading can translate to the political process. YOU ARE TOTALLY WELCOME.)

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Roslin President

Just a reminder, folks:

MQ is for funny that is original to LJ. Not original to RL and transcribed to LJ (there are many 'overheard in' comms for that). Not for IM transcribed to LJ (that's what imquotes is for).

I've been deleting an unusually high number of posts in the last day or so that fall under this, so a reminder seemed in order.

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zandrellia clears up a confusing term.

"Medium yaoi = Much like a chef prepares a steak this term gives the fanfiction reader a good clue as to how this particular fic will turn out. Medium yaoi fics are more likely to be more raw and have less work put into their preparation, also they can sometimes release blood. This blood can be released from either the characters or the eyes of the one reading the work. Medium yaoi is only marginally better than rare or medium rare yaoi as it is at least somewhat thought about, however, well done yaoi is the most preferred by fanfiction connoisseurs."

Context is QWP and spelling has been corrected by request.
Edited because my tags keep escaping.
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