March 5th, 2008

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The readers of get_medieval discuss fictional physics:

get_medieval: I think it will be demonstrated time and again by the comic that I am not a scientist... I just throw sciency-sounding stuff in wherever I think it's necessary. This is probably a bad habit I picked up from television. In which case, it is to my credit that I never, ever use the word 'subspace'.

michiexile: I use subspace all the time. Of course, I use it to refer to the mathematical constructs that they are, and don't even try to make them Science-y sounding props for fiction.

etako: I also say subspace often, but am referring to the space under our loft bed...

anezka_faye: Subspace is the space between my fingers where there should be a 6-inch italian bread sub with ham and cheese when I have just walked past a Subway.

mediatech: I thought subspace was the displacement volume of a submarine.

Context is highly technical, sir.
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    I kind of want to send out 250,000 emails all titled "Make her wet instantly!", along with a dubious IP-only website that allows you to order product. If only so I can imagine the looks on their faces when they open up the package and discover I've sent them a water gun.

-theferrett's spam makes him think.

QWP, and context is irrelevant since it's the whole post.