March 3rd, 2008

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The miracle of life

capn_ahab shares the story of his daughter's recent birth:

Well after a while Cathy, the midwife (a wonderful woman) annouced it was time for the “Tour of the Placenta” and asked if I wanted to join.

“The TOUR?!?…Jebus I don’t want to even visit the Gift Shop of the Placenta, much less take the TOUR!!”

Context thinks the birth of a child is beautiful but not, yanno, beautiful.

Been too long since someone quoted ursulav

    Ben glued himself to me with his usual "OH GOD NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN!" post-trip neediness, which extended to sitting on my chest every time I laid down. Ben is a good cat. Unfortunately he's working on a hairball at the moment, but he's polite enough to jump down if he thinks he's going to vomit. This is a good trait in a pet.

Context wishes they'd be polite enough to hold their fuzzy little head over the toilet, too, but is still thankful for small blessings.