March 1st, 2008

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nezumiko has some minor trouble with an escapee.

Once upon a time...

Actually at about five in the morning on Thursday, I was sound asleep when there was a noise:

Rustle rustle rustle!

I woke up with a start, got up, turned on lights, looked around. Nothing. I convinced myself I'd dreamed it, turned off the light, still half-asleep, went to get back in the bed. Standing next to it, about to climb in, I feel a small animal climb onto my foot. Unfortunately when you are half-asleep in the dark at five in the morning, you don't think—oh yeah I have pet rats, I bet one of them got out. No you think, with every single cell in your body—I am about to be eaten by a scorpion or snake or something otherwise deadly and awful I must kick it away!



Wake up the rest of the way.

Hoshit, I have pet rats and I bet I just kicked one of them.

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Context is burned, cheezed, and bleeding, but triumphant.
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Rainbow Brite!

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cygnus wrote:

I just keep thinking that Walken's life has got to be more interesting and stranger than any of ours.

"Today I had a bowl of Froot Loops that I stole from a bird in the jungle. It was... crazy. Now I'm racing the ghost of Dale Earnhardt in my pickup truck. Gets great gas mileage. I think I might beat him, this time. Maybe. You never know."

Context needs more cowbell.
Gay is NOT an insult

Also, we're Shapeshifters.

gaymafiakingpin advises that we're still offended in ethereal form;

He's in that habit of saying, "That's so gay!" but has made an effort to not do so around me. I've explained to him that it's not just me that he shouldn't do it around, as one never knows who The Gays are. We are a mysterious breed of wisps... like shadows in the night - we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Context is from a comment in my f-locked entry but quoted with permission. :)
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