February 28th, 2008

i saw that

Man That's Good Organism!

webmyrcury is amused by spam:
And I quote: "Dear HerbalKing,
I Bought Some Of Your Pills For My Husband About 3 Months Ago Because I Thought He Could Please Me A Bit More Than He Was. What I Wanted Was Increased Organisms"

...Wait. Increased WHAT??

"...Increased Organisms, Longer Sexual Drive, And Something That Really Filled Me Up! Thanks HerbalKing!"

(There was more, but I cropped it out for those who don't need or want spam TMI)

Oh Thank You Hilariously Worded And Over-Capitalized Spam! Now I Know Just Where To Go If I Ever Find That I Am In Need Of More Organisms!

Context is bursting with organisms!
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Out Weird Zaphod

Now That's an Intersting Problem

It was pretty chilly yesterday morning as I loaded Kai into the car with his juice and zip-loc bag of cashews. I left him there in the car for a moment as I ran back to the house to grab something. When I came back, I finished strapping Kai into his car seat when he yells out: "My nut sack is cold!" It was really hard to not burst into hysterical fits of laughter.

Context is trying not to laugh at his funny kid.

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fire, phoenix

More Dreams After This Message. . .

alicetheowl gets a preview of her dream to come:
I overslept, and, between alarms, I dreamt there was an announcer in my head, previewing my dreams. "Coming up," he said perkily, "Alice gets a zombie dream! Will she triumph, or will her brain be eaten?"

Context involves backing over some lumber with a truck and using a screwdriver for a hammer.  

Quoted with Permission.