February 26th, 2008


Ice, Ice, Loki.

rain_dog is studying glaciers


The melt rate of the glacier is 17 meters per year. Using this information, and by studying the predicted lunar charts for the next score or so of years, I believe that we will be able to use Abelard’s Theorum to properly gauge the current of the astral vapors that currently surround the glacier above Skeidarasandur. Our shamans are both learnéd and wise, and will perform the correct sacrifices to Odin at the base of glacier, making sure to liberally coat the ancient ice with the arterial blood of a black yak with type 0+ blood.. The women of the village will dress in black and follow the procession, rending their faces in agony as they throw handfuls of lard into the crowd. We will then multiply 10 to the 7th penitent worshippers by how many horses Loki has slept with, and correctly deduce that the next outburst will occur as soon as Thor gets up from the couch to jiggle the goddamn handle and get it to the stupid thing to stop running. Also there is more math. 

I am handing this in tommorow, and no one can stop me.

This Context link would probably be funnier if I knew morse Norse mythology than what was in Marvel Comics, and a couple of webcomics.
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