February 25th, 2008

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I never expected to find the funny at craftgrrl

malicious_pengy can't figure out why she's getting stares in the sex toy store:

Fun times in crafting...

Yesterday, my friends and I were shopping for a birthday present for a party last night, so of course...we decided to all meet in a sex toy shop in the area of the city known for gay nightclubs. I was walking down the street, like twenty minutes early, so I duck into a sewing shop. I talked myself out of buying everything really neat, but I did need a new embroidery hoop, so I got a 6 inch purple plastic one, said I didn't need a bag, and continued along my merry way.

I stood there in the book section of the sex store, and every time someone walked anywhere near me, they'd look at me strangely for a few minutes, then move away. It was...a little weird. Finally, my friend shows up, and she does the same thing...stares at me. I kinda go "What?" and she points at the purple plastic in my hand and replies, "How the hell do you use that one???" *headdeskheaddesk* Apparently...not that many people use embroidery hoops, or at least not enough to recognize one in that sort of context. Even the gal behind the desk said, "We don't sell those, do we?"

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sabrina_il solves Eastern Mysticism

So, Intro to China. Like 200 people at this lecture. We're learning about the ever elusive Qi (Chi), present in Daoism (and all other aspects of Chinese life).

Professor: It's one of the most difficult terms to define and explain. It makes perfect sense within the Chinese language and culture and it almost impossible to translate. It's not energy, it's a kind of thread that runs through the being of the universe, the thing that makes things become one thing or the other, a power that is manifested in the two facets of the Yin and Yang, the light and dark--

Student: --it's The Force!

Professor: Uh. Well. I guess... yeah. I guess it kind of is like that, yeah.


From here, QWP.
Science: OMGSpace!
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Collect all six! (Sold separately.)

diatryma and I are discussing the uber-loud Bitch Next Door and her mysterious ways:

kaesa: I have yet to actually see this girl. I have seen her sister, the fluorescent orange emo girl (WORST SUPERHEROINE EVER), and her parents, but never her.
diatryma: What you have to remember about Fluorescent Orange Emo Girl is that she's one of a set. It's only when she meets up with F Pink Prog-rock, F Yellow Country, and F Green Top 40 Hits that her powers really shine. And yeah, later books had Blue Jazz and Purple Whatever The Hell Arcade Fire Is, but those two don't show up as well, and it's only for spectral completeness that they fought the Blacklight Gang at all. The Phosphorettes eventually teamed up with some wussy boy group, but that was just so Pink could have a ridiculous love interest. Why is it always pink that bosses everyone else around?

[Flocked, QWP] Context thinks the franchise went downhill long before that stupid Day-Glo redemption arc.
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