February 24th, 2008

lord byron

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~Anne Rice promised to write another vampire book. londonsound reacts~:

Does anyone remember when Lestat went to hell and drank Jesus's blood? And then Satan sent him a note? Or when he drank the menstrual blood of that weird religious woman (clearly Anne's fantasy of herself)? Or when Lestat went to the Sahara desert in the daylight and came back with a tan? Or when that stupid David Talbot started being in all the books? Or when she made Lestat use embarrassing slang? Or when she wrote that crazed essay on Amazon? Or when she wrote 50,000 books about minor characters no one cares about (e.g. Vittorio the Vampire, Pandora the Vampire, The Guy That Fixed Lestat's Toilet in That One Book The Vampire)?

If anyone does, they will realise why SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP HER BEFORE SHE WRITES ANY MORE.

Isn't she happy with writing Jesus fanfic?!

Context has gone batshit crazy. QWP.