February 23rd, 2008


quetz explains the difference between a script and a comic book...

I'm sure it's fine as a script, but when writing for a visual medium, either in comics or on a stage, the author must allow the artist or the actor to portray emotions, expressions, and reactions as basic as these.

Otherwise it's like:

It was surprising: "Wow!" she exclaimed, looking surprised, "I am surprised!" EDITOR'S NOTE: SHE WAS SURPRISED.

Context explains why this was said. Permission was granted to QWP.
Hello cthulhu

starrchilde tells of embarassing moments in her adolescence...

My parents and I were leaving a restaurant and as we were leaving the gentleman holding the door made a snarky comment about the weather and wasn't it "wonderful" that they were calling for some obscene amount of snow, to which I replied, "Oh yeah, I'm wet just thinking about it..."

My Mom stopped cold and looked at me, my Dad stopped cold and looked at me and the poor guy holding the door turned bright red and made a hasty retreat inside.

Context is a weatherphiliac. Not FL, but still QWP:)
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