February 21st, 2008

Eddie Izzard Pierre

Truer words were never spoken

My friend lizetta just has a way with words sometimes:

Continuing with the idea that you should learn something new everyday, last I night I learned the following.

Apparently, when in the middle of kisses and cuddles, saying "Look, I'm really tired, you really need to either stick it in me or let me get to sleep" is not romantic.

I guess you just don't get points for honesty...

QWP over here.
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leave your turntable on

I have done this before.

dsudis uses fandom to compare the Democratic presidential candidates:

The Clinton campaign is like a critically-acclaimed show on HBO. I've got some friends who watch it religiously, it's directed by some big name and stars somebody whose movies I've really liked, and I would totally be watching it if I got HBO and remembered to turn on my TV on Sundays at 10 on a weekly basis. People keep telling me it's brilliant and ground-breaking and I completely believe them! It probably is! It's just that no one's, you know, writing porn about it or making really cool vids or anything, so even though I keep Really Meaning To Watch That, the honest truth--which every experienced fangirl knows--is that the only way I will ever actually see this show is if someday I'm recovering from major surgery and iuliamentis shows up with the first season on DVD, takes the remote away from me, and announces this is what's up next. And at that point there would probably be mildly-drug-addled posts to my friends-list about WHY DID NO ONE EVER MAKE ME WATCH THIS BEFORE, OMFG, BRILLIANT.


And then there's the Obama campaign, which is like this year's new show on the CW. The premise sounds kind of corny, but the lead actor is hot, and I'm sorta thinking about tuning in sometime--and then somebody on my flist is talking about it actually being pretty good or at least fantastically entertaining, and then two or three people, and suddenly, WHAM. There are vids and more different vids and fun fic and fic that makes you cry a little bit and the BNFs are lining up and I am downloading like a crazy person and making a date with my teevee and I am all over that. And then I start trying to tell people that no, really, this show is hitting its stride and it's ACTUALLY BRILLIANT, but of course I just sound like one more fangirl who's drunk the Kool-Aid. And, also of course, because it's got a big, enthusiastic fandom, it's always going to be critically dismissed as a show with a cult following. I mean, how could anything good come out of the CW, right?
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my neptune

ansuzbound uses grammar artistically.

The following things about me are true.

1) I think (with few exceptions) people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" should have their eyelids taken off with carrot peelers and be lashed to chairs facing endless "Schoolhouse Rock" marathons until they can write like grownups.
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[Flocked, QWP] Context is a Master Chief Grammar Officer.