February 18th, 2008

Sister Death

Wm. Shakespeare was a Punk

beardedtroll knows how to handle criticism:

Then you are a monster without soul, a villain, knave and Jacobite. I refute thee and all thy work. You are an abomination in my visage, a fiend, devil and deildegast most foul. You are wicked, unwholesome and perverted in character, mind and actions. You are an ogre, a wight and a kobold, devoid of good qualities and breeding. You have no social graces, no morals except such as are ill, no virtues and no valour of any stripe. You are a corruptor of youths, a usurer and defiler of the divine. You are a dark cloud on a moonless night, a knife in the dark, a changeling in the crib. In short, you are evil, monstrous and utterly devoid of any redeeming features whatsoever.

On the other hand, you do have a cool avatar, something which is equally important.

doesn't godmode and is QWP.

(misc) belle gaston face swap

rowana gets some interesting calls while receptioning at a law firm...

The clients, (regardless of whether we're helping them with criminal defence, personal injury or immigration problems), seem to share a completely different kind of eccentricity. I had a phone call from a lady who didn't speak English very well. There have been several calls like this in the few months I was at the firm. She made several frustrated attempts to communicate, before deciding to stop a random passerby, communicate with him by gestures, and force him to communicate with me over her phone. It was like trying to help someone to play charades without actually being able to see anything.

Random Passerby: Excuse me? Hello?
Ro: *extremely frustrated by this point* Who is this?
Random Passerby: *sounding alarmed* She just stopped me and told me to speak. I was too scared to say no. She wants me to say that she is...she is in prison? No, someone is in prison, someone else is in prison, and...they're...walking? moving? Um...oh! They want to get out. They're - someone's flying, flying away, oh hang on, she's getting a pencil and drawing something. They're...they're leaving the country.
Ro: Can she say what they were in jail for?
RP: *after communicating the question* ...They, assaulted someone? No, they, they killed someone? Oh, no, they...assaulted and then killed someone? I don't...what is that? Vandalism? Parking tickets? Someone giving parking tickets? She's, I think she's starting again. She's trying to say, what is that, a stick? A ball? They threw...she's pretending to eat it - a vegetable? A round vegetable? Which you can throw?
Ro: *fascinated* Did they kill someone with an aubergine? Was it the traffic warden with the potato in the library?
RP: I think she's getting angry with me. I'd better give the phone back.

So, if any of you are thinking of heading to anywhere in London outside zone 1, be prepared to be stopped and forced to play charades with a stranger whilst on the phone to a confused receptionist.

Context should probably swallow before reading.
Cool [DS] [Protag]

vexrm is not fooled by your sneaky traps...

In the spirit of "it must be done..."

/me cues the Yu-gi-oh music and voices.

HA! Your trap card has no effect on me Seto Matchstick! For you see the field we are on is the Internet field. On the internet there are no girls. So I knew your trap was a trap already and have disarmed it with Bridgett's Yo-Yo.

Context should have stuck with the Blue Eyes.
John - what? ¬_¬
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kitt needs to find a new place to stay

I know for a fact that when I tell mother about this, her first reaction will be an immediate "You should move in with me." Which, yeah, how bout no? Seriously, no. I would rather walk over a quarter mile field of broken shards of glass and hot coals, whilst being chased by the flames of hell and three rabid poodles, and having over-ripened bananas dropped on me from passing 747.

Context is losing a roommate, in a locked post. QWP.