February 16th, 2008

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theodor takes bare cupboards as a challenge...

'Time to activate meal-plan delta4!'

The food all recoiled in horror.

'No! You can’t be serious, are you mad?'
'Perhaps, but I am also hungry'
'But Mr Leek is starting to ooze through the bars, what are you going to do?'
'I’m going to stew him, and all the rest of you. I will not be the one to deny you your destinies'
'Thanks Theo, a lesser man would have consigned us to the bin without a thought'
'You’re welcome, my loyal old veggies. Admiral chopped tomatoes!'
'Aye sir!'
'You know what to do'
'Aye sir'
'Lets do this'

Keep your distance

From a discussion of things not to do or say to (possibly) pregnant women...
jacquez: My friend C. had a policy when she was pregnant. If people touched her stomach, she grabbed their breasts (or in the case of men, their pecs).

It was the most hilarious thing I have ever, EVER seen.

Stranger: [grabs belly]
C: [honks their breast]
Stranger: [jumps back, clutches chest] what the hell!
C: Oh, I thought we were being inappropriately grabby today. [stares at them until they run away]

liddle_oldman: I don't even know you, and you and your friend most certainly don't know me -- but I now love your friend with vigor.

And from more than arm's length.

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