February 14th, 2008

SciFi, amused, mischievous, silly
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eslington explains the latest Order of the Stick.

Say you're a dude. You've got hairy legs or something.

You come away from a surfboarding-chainsaw duel with a little owie on your leg, and the first aider on duty puts a band-aid on it. (After kissing it better, naturally.)

Later, when you come to remove it, you know if you pull it off slowly it's going to agonizingly pull on each and every one of your leg hairs, but if you pull it off quickly it's really going to sting.

So it's going to hurt either way, it's a question of choosing which kind of pain you want to suffer.

Similarly, does Hayley try to tell Celia slowly, break it to her gently as the dread slowly fills her gut, or does she flat out tell her, giving her more than a bit of a shock.

Hayley tries the former option, and finds herself grappling with the Surfboard-Chainsaw-Duelist's Dilemma.

Context needs a safer hobby.
『misc』 don't stop believing

rawkenr0ll demonstrates why little girls + bandom = lol.

Last night, while babysitting, Talia wanted to color. Okay, fine. She "wrote" a book called The Princess Wwho Wasn't Looking So A Witch Snuck Up Behind Her (OH MY GOD. IT'S LIKE SNAKES ON A PLANE) and I drew caricatures of band boys.

Talia: Who's that?
Me: It's one of my favorite rock stars.
Talia: What's her name?
Me: Uh. Her name is Mikeyway.
Talia: She's very pretty.
Me: Yes, yes she is.


Talia: Who's that? Is that a frog?
Me: No, that's her brother, Gerard.
Talia: He looks like a frog.

Context knows what you do to guys like them in prison. Locked, QWP.
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Does "long pig" include fairies?

kathryn_ironic is just a bit cynical about Valentine's Day.

But of course people -- men especially -- are told never to believe protests of Valentine's Day. It is a test, and to pass that test they must still go to the florists and the candymakers, because sometime around 5pm the mushily tender emotions fairy will fly up and take over the beloved's brain, so better have those roses ready.

Note that any small winged creatures showing up at 5pm tomorrow are most likely going to end up in the pressure cooker, because I'm having lots of fun testing how it works, but the first experiment with pork chops ended up a bit dry, so any additional ingredients which bring the quality of tender to the cooking will be helpful.