February 13th, 2008

"Another Hollywood Franchise Bled Dry"

1_mad_squirrel ponders the quality of future Indiana Jones movies...

"I have my doubts about the upcoming fourth Indy movie, and I worry that they'll try for a fifth. By that time, given Harrison Ford's age, the movie will have to be Indiana Jones and the Bouncy Castle of Doom in which Indy and his wife Marian, now in their seventies, get roped into throwing a birthday party for their eight-year-old granddaughter and twenty of her closest friends. And they thought snakes were terrifying."

F-locked but QWP.
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Romance Schmomance

almond_tiger is re-thinking her career:

"I have decided to write the Ultimate Romance Novel. It will be short, of course, and called "Protecting the Naughty Sheik's Cowboy Love Child," which contains all the elements of a popular romance novels combined into one. The cover will feature two extremely wholesome looking white adults, one male and one female, splayed on a grassy field wearing each other's clothes. A mixed-race baby will be crawling towards them with an expression of such joy on its face that it can only be drugged. The book will cost $5.99 and will be available only for the month of May in 2009."

QWP. Context is currently ripping bodices at the local library (f-locked but if you do want the rest of the post, she has a public blog here).

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hopelikefever's dreams have been downsized to wishes for clean undies.

"You know, I remember dreaming about being a superstar when I moved to Los Angeles. Now I find myself thrown into delusions of grandeur that are more common to housewives. My own washer and dryer? Be still, my beating heart! I swear, every time I pass the apartment complex that says that on a sign outside, I always sigh dreamily. lolol *lame*"

Context is magical