February 11th, 2008

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Mercury warning

lillakat consults the signs:

I got a petition in my inbox today to have grocers post Mercury warning signs on their products. Naturally , (being the spirituality Geek and nut that I am), my first thought was:

YES! Good idea! They should post warning signs every time Mercury goes retrograde! (which it is now I believe). This would save LOTS of communications troubles!

Context is in the first house.
eva hesse

And he was black too.

fizzyland, ebonymusic and iisz discuss Jesus's motives in atheism .

fizzyland : So my desire to turn the Vatican into a library & lesbian healing center is bad?
ebonymusic : Of course not, sweetie. Jesus doesn't hate lesbians. Who do you think wrote k.d. lang's song "Hallelujah?"
iisz : Leonard Cohen is Jesus? That would actually make everything better. Somehow.
ebonymusic : Dude, Jesus is Jewish.
iisz : True, but Cohen is an ex-Jew, current Buddhist. Jesus is complicated like that I suppose.
ebonymusic : Well, ever since God kicked him out of the house for being gay, Jesus has sort of taken the less beaten path. That's why he floats.

Context has lost all faith in the lord. 


Phrom the ljdq, Quzzlings discuss the name of Philadelphia's local Nine

laughingacademy: The Phillies? That’s the best the City of Brotherly Love can do for a team name?
chaosvisier: Well, the Philadelphia Brotherlovers didn't go over so well...

syrazemyla: They're in the league with the Houston Housties, the Los Angeles Losangies, and the Wichita Wichities.

Today's Context is public and was brought to you by the number 11.

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