February 8th, 2008

agent may is unimpressed

Chow Yun Fat = Asian stone fox

loopychew has cracked the Hollywood/HK-actor code:

There appears to be a Hollywood shortlist for Chinese badass dudes they need to include to try and appeal to the HK film geeks (real and wannabe). If the role calls for a Chinese badass dude who can fight and needs to look wise, they demand Chow Yun-Fat. If they need a Chinese badass dude who can fight and needs to look relatively youthful and /or cold, they ask for Jet Li. If they need a Chinese badass dude who can fight, tap dance, and juggle crystal balls while dodging gunfire at the same time, they phone Jackie Chan. Stephen Chow isn't on this list simply because he hasn't acted in any Western movies yet, but I'm sure he'll find his way here eventually.

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36 has some easily shocked workmates...

Usually my 'poor impulse control' just means I can't help commenting when I unexpectedly see something out the window. However, the following happened at work (only male colleagues were present at the time):

Collegue 1: Go on then, ask me anything
Collegue 2 (jokingly): Anything, eh? OK ...what do women REALLY want?
Me (without thinking): Watching two hot guys kiss
Everyone: ...
Me: What?
Everyone: ...
Me: Oh come on, how else do you explain slash fiction and Torchwood's ratings?

QWP (in IRC), context really wants Capt. Jack.
Malcolm Reynolds - Firefly

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fidgety decides she wants to quit at life. Some take issue with this.

jozabad: If you do, I'll make your corpse into a mannequin and put it in Ambercrombie & Fitch.
fidgety: You son of a bitch!

But -- ha! -- I'm not thin enough. Or whorish enough. EVEN AS A CORPSE!

jozabad: That's what you think! I have a Dremel!

Context will have its body reanimated & shipped to work the yttrium mines on Meltakron V. (f'loq't, qwp)
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