February 6th, 2008


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Violacat compares board games and politics.

eeka: So the election is really a big-ass game of Stratego.
Me: Yes. And whoever wins gets to spend the next four years playing a big-ass game of Risk.

Context listens to NPR on Super Tuesday.

the_paco rants about male-enhancement spam:

...when I see your ads promising me 'cut rate pillz', I imagine 20 years from the date of ingestion a blue and glowing Alec Guinness will describe my penis as "More machine now, than cock; twisted, and evil". No matter how cool Alec Guinness says the word "evil", I do not want him describing the cybernetic-enhanced shell of my wang that controls half the galaxy.

Context would prefer to take the expensive, high-quality pills.
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Funny people on stupid_free? No way!

In a comment to a post on stupid_free, robyn_ma reveals her theory about the death of Heath Ledger:

Wait, it is by no means clear that he OVERDOSED on all those drugs.

He could've accidentally spilled them on the floor, then slipped on them and fell and hit his head. This could've knocked him unconscious, and then the toilet in the next room overflowed and flooded the bedroom. Then the water could've floated his body up to the chandelier, whose sharp point stabbed him in the chest. Then the water receded and he was left hanging by his chest from the chandelier, still unconscious but alive, and then he fell with his mouth open onto a pile of medications, which were soggy from the water and therefore mooshy and chewable, and he was having a dream about eating mashed potatoes so he chewed up all the drugs at once, and then the chandelier fell on him and he died.

Yeah. I suspect that's just exactly what really happened.

Context should consider a career in investigating causes of death.