February 5th, 2008

bunnies playing house
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on the natural evolution of an idea

But it's kind of like a nouvelle cuisine singularity. A reductio ad absurdum of fusion hilarity. It's like a dog dressed up as a clown, doing an elvis impersonation and slipping on a banana peel and getting hit in the face with a pie. And a rubber chicken.

context is playing with its food
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I still cry my eyes out at that movie...

stoney321's doggie has to make a heartrending choice:

Horrible storm rolling through, nickel sized hail. Cut to my Sally Dog, who is terr-i-fied of storms. Like, you can hear her teeth grinding from another room. *sad faces* She has a "baby" (a squeaky duck) that she "rescues" when a storm comes. (She grabs it and hightails it to my shower for Safety) She has two babies now, a squeaky guinea pig is the newest plush addition to her fake family.

I just witnessed my dog make a Sophie's Choice. "Which one? The duck I've bonded with for two years, or the newest child? Can I have another? Am I going to die? *cue the orchestra* She was in my shower whining. I brought her other baby to her, the guinea pig, she TUCKED THEM UNDER HER, and lay down, shivering.

context knows I'm going to Hell for laughing at this.
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Film - The Old Guard

House and Wilson get MUSICAL.

I suggested that "Wilson Chalk Outline" and "Moose on a Jew" were both good band names, and makemerun agreed:

That's the original band, of course. After three albums, two world tours, and a planned tv special, (Fox nixed it to make room for an upcoming reality television show, Star Trek: Nudes that was canceled before the first commercial break) After much success, Wilson gets too big for his britches (literally, obviously) and decides to embark on a self-indulgent solo career, Wilson Chalk Outline.

The original band later reunites for a sold out reunion tour, while Cameron and Cuddy form their own chick-pop duo, "Informed Consent" which receives minor popularity due to their connections to original band members and several appearances on Moose on A Jew's second album,
We're Only Gay in the Traditional Sense, in the chart-topping track, "(The Garden is) Looking Homosexual Tonight." They reach #3 on the Billboard charts with "Get Your Ass in the Clinic (or no sex tonight)". In response, Foreman puts out his own album, 4-MAN: It's Not Hip-hop, it's electro which gained minor success in the Euro scene.

After much unrest between bandmates, the reunited Moose on A Jew broke up once more, and House went on to pursue his own interests in jazz piano and "being more awesome than you". Wilson then put out a final solo album, Boy Wonder which was exceedingly popular with the elderly and criminally insane.

When inquired on his colleagues' musical success, Robert Chase had this to say, "They can all suck it, I'm going to marry Cameron."

They broke up shortly after this statement was released.


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