February 2nd, 2008


On what to do with 100 bus seats on sale on Craigslist ..

"A hundred bucks for all the seats from a big bus? Why do I twitch a little seeing something like this come up on Craigslist? Surely you could do a cool arty thing. Maybe make tape children (the sculptures made entirely out of clear box sealing tape) and arrange them as if they were on a school bus, pulling pigtails and stuff.

Or a bus load of Rosa Parks clones. With Kung Fu Grip or something cool like thatnstuff."

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good thing there's a writers' strike

smut_queen knows what's going to happen on the new House after the Super Bowl.

Cuddy: Hai, House, you can has patient!!1 Her symptoms include this, that, and the other thing.

House: It's clearly brain cancer, stfu and leave me alone.

Cuddy: It can't be brain cancer! We did this test, and this test, and the other test!

House: (reads file, pops pills) Okay, me takey.

Dingbat Doctors: It's clearly tuberlosclerosis! Amyloidosis! Ramsay Hunt Syndrome! Russell-Silver syndrome! Guillain-Barré syndrome! Neurohydrofibrosystoexpealidocious!


(lots of tests later)

House: I don't know what it is, woe. Surely, she will die.

Wilson: Her name's not Shirley. You'd know this if, you know, you actually paid attention to your patient. Hey, have you found my keys?

House: .... the keys were hiding THE WHOLE TIME!!!111

Wilson: *wtf face*

House: (rushing into room): Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia!

Dingbat Doctors: But she's not fifty! And she's not male!


Dingbat Doctors: Ohhhh.

House: *pwns*

QWP, but context is pissed she has to stay up late.
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VERY still indeed.

reticent_lass ponders the logistics of poor idiom use in Gargoyles fanfic:

Finally, please remember your fandom when writing out idioms. Our favorite New Yorkers with wings aren't going to be doing anything 'in broad daylight' other than 'stand very still'.

Context was frozen in stone by a magic spell for a thousand years. QWP.

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smokingguncafe is wondering what to name her dog...

So on last night's episode, Shawn complains to his dad that his cat "Chairman Meow" went missing and Henry owns up to giving it to a retirement community.

And that got me thinking that it would be really funny to name your pets after evil world leaders, and I thought--gee, I'm not much of a cat person. What sort of name would suit a dog if I were to do that?

Imelda Barkos.

Context is locked and QWP.