January 30th, 2008

  • ameonna

for the LULZ

birdsarecalling sets the scene perfectly:

The world, it seems, has taken a turn for the bleak. Irresponsibly lax financial and corporate regulation has burst America's housing bubble and gutted its manufacturing sector, paving the way for foreign control of US banks and an impending international economic crisis. Israel has decided that it's cool to start violating the Geneva Conventions. Lawless mercenaries run amok in Iraq, where hostilities are not even close to ceasing. Global warming wreaks havoc on our ecosystems.

In these times of trouble, only /b/tards can save our precious LULZ.

Anonymous has declared war on Scientology.

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spookystoy has a helpful hint for us:

I received one of those pop-up mesh laundry bags/hampers for Christmas. Here's a tip from me to you, because I care. When you are opening the package and unfolding the hamper, don't lean over it to better see what you are doing--it is called a pop-up hamper for good reason.

My face hurts.

QWP, open, that's the entire post.
Harley Quinn, bliss

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rashaka waxes poetic about Avatar:

When is the next episode coming out? CANADA DON'T FAIL ME NOW. I need my magical-boy pseudo-Asian mythical fantasy epic world war cartoon.

Everyone needs a magical-boy pseudo-Asian mythical fantasy epic world war cartoon!

With revenge! And regicide! And brainwashing! And flying buffalo! And murder most foul! And orphans! And pyromaniacs! And genocide! And hydromaniacs! And megalomaniacs! And duels! And tea!

Context was originally talking about shipping. (QWP, open.)

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drydem looks on the bright side:

One great thing that many people overlook about the possibility of a Clinton Presidency is the savings to the government. By current wage standards, we'd only have to pay a woman president 308,000 dollars a year rather than the 400,000 that a male president earns. That's some savings that could be put towards invading Andorra.

Context is gathering its army. QWP.