January 29th, 2008

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afuna goes shopping:

There's a brand of soap here called "Placenta". I saw it in Watson's, as I was buying lotion, and I was tempted to buy it so I could say, "My skin has been radiant ever since I started washing it with Placenta."

...on second thought, maybe not.

Context has a userpic to match.

Not a frequent mq-er...

...but gabriel_le's internal mobalogue is worth sharing:
Self just finished washing, sanding, and staining an old rocking chair, and is busy scrubbing residue stain off of hands. On other side of stage, more brightly lit: Inner voices, each in appropriate costumes, assembled around a long rectangular table. The Matron is presiding, standing at the head of the table and has the attention of all personalities seated around the rest of the table
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Context has lots more genteel discussion on the subject, but is friends-locked; QWP.
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Networks in their sensitivities, my lord, have a fragile sensibility...

ascenseur is having computer-related issues:

So now that my macbook is in MOSTLY WORKING ORDER as far as the actual hardware-bits go, the network has ARBITRARILY DECIDED that it is not actually a real computer. So every time I try to get online, it yells at me and tells me to register.

Which I attempt to do. But then it tells me I'm already registered, so I should restart my computer and have a big Internet Using Party because I'm free to go. Which I attempt to do. But after restarting and getting back online, it tells me that I am, in fact, NOT A REAL PERSON WITH A REAL COMPUTER and that I need to register. But upon reentering my username it KINDLY REMINDS ME THAN I AM ALREADY REGISTERED and tells me to call the tech center because obviously this whole thing is just getting out of hand and it doesn't know what to do with itself and someone needs to fetch its smelling salts because as far as networks go, it has a very weak constitution and all of this is making it feel rather faint. Or something.

Context is reluctantly breaking out the smelling salts. (Flocked, QWP)