January 28th, 2008


Apparently the auto show broke down at the side of the road...

...and zebrapix was there to watch it being intellectually clamped:

Now, there WERE concept cars...technically. I guess if it isn't a 2008 release vehicle, it's a concept car. There were 2009 and 2010 cars that had futuristic features like slightly higher gas mileage and doors the opened in non-traditional ways, but they looked like every other waxed and polished metal box in the house. Nothing like, say, a car that runs on flatulence or a truck that gives itself a tune-up, or an optional On*Star anger management/phone sex service. I'm talking HIGH concept cars like ones that will drive you home after a night at the pub or use stealth technology to evade radar detection...shit like that.

Context is calling AAA for a tow.

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In June I will be seventeen for the second time. Seventeen is roughly the age at which I decided I was pretty much done growing up and already knew everything there was to know about the world, a statement I largely stand by. Everything since then has been a bit silly and irrelevant, really. My face has decided to celebrate this pending anniversary by breaking out like it's the day before prom. Well played, universe. Well played.

-hardvice, here

When Bugs Attack...

The RAID fumes might be getting to floit63's head.

I know it's ridiculous and illogical, but I feel like they're all hiding and planning a full scale attack. It will be the attack to end all attacks. They are down in a little bug bunker somewhere and organising the D-Day attack on Bedandy. I will wake up and find a note next to my pillow saying they have stolen Kasey and will not return him until I give them 10 pizzas and a Raid free plane to Aruba. This will result in my holding the Bugeneva Convention to ensure the safe return of my boyfriend (and his missing ring). As all of this is taking place, the exterminator will come and the bugs (seeing this as a hostile takeover) will hold him hostage in the bathroom. I may well win a Nobel Peace Prize for the successful rescue of both Kasey and the exterminator, but I'm not sure the mental trauma will be worth it.

OMG Shoes!

A Rant As Sweet As Golden Honey

nederlandergirl has a creative comeback for a Mary Sue writer:

"Oh, you never learn, do you? I think I'm going to have to put my duties as a friend aside. I can't read any more of this. It brings tears to my crystalline blue eyes. The tears slide down my perfect porcelain skin, reflecting light in their watery depths until they land softly on my mahogany hair, which shines like a curtain of deep brown satin. Even when Mary-Sues bring me sorrow, I still glow like a beautiful lighthouse on a stormy shore."

Context has had it with Perfect Mary Sues who can do no wrong.
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foofy_attorney on sweet, delicious irony:

Quote of the Week from that particular car trip: "My one problem with Chicago cast of Wicked is it's soooo gay. Both the guys who are supposed to drooling over Glinda are such obvious fags." I appreciate not only the bluntness of that analysis, but the irony of criticizing anything as "too gay" while making a comparative analysis of the several casts of Wicked you've seen.

Context defies gravity while dancing through life.