January 25th, 2008

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_devilcandy_ said at customerssuck about sucky customers:

Seriously. Customers apparently believe that we do not WANT to sell them things. The evil salespeople are dragonkin, jealously hoarding their secret stashes of merchandise. And if something is sold out in the store, then of course we must be hiding it in the cashier-area. Because we have a lot of washing machines and computers hidden beneath the registers. Ah-yup.

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In which economics and Harry Potter collide:

darkmane: All economics now a days are black magic.

It's all about the "Magical Market" protecting us from the big bad Gubbiment.

mskoi: I take a broom to the town meetings on general principle. It's cheaper than gas and you never know when they might have to settle things with a Quidditch match.
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Dayna Larger

Klingon Kittens

osewalrus is observing his kittens at play

They have a very tribblish trilling noise. But they wrestle all the time, like Klingons on leave. OMG, My house has been invaded by Klingon Tribbles! "We are mighty kitten warriors! purr purrr purrrr! Bring us more kitten blood wine while we wrestle and do other adorable warrior things."

I wonder what Klingon is for "Today is a good day to -- oooohhhhh string!"

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Johnny Depp was in E Street?

jsie shares her latest trip to JB Hi-Fi.

I'm gonna start some sort of site, ahla Overheard in NY, and call it Overheard in JB. Or just Overheard in DVD stores, because yesterday I heard shit, and it MADE ME FEEL OLD.
Let's see how you feel shall we?

Teen Boy: What's 90210?
Teen Girl: I dunno, some show that used to be on ages ago.
SAME Teen Girl: OOOO! E-Street! Johnny Depp used to be in this!
The friends: Meh whatever.
60 seconds later..
That girl again: OH wait. I think I have the wrong show.

I felt like beating my head into the floor. Srsly.

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victoriana stole the cookies from the cookie jar:

So today in 3rd period, I'd given them their first set of vocabulary words. I set them all to work on finding similar words or parts of the structure of the word that would help them with the meaning, and then skipped down to the faculty restroom to wash the marker detritus off my hands. When I returned, PJ had a mini-bag of cookies out, which R was on his way to get one of.

Now, I told them the first day that there was no food in class unless I give it to them. Otherwise, I end up with wrappers on my floor and roaches in my room. So I walked over calmly and took the bag from him, and then I ate the mini-cookies right in front of him.

They were delicious.

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