January 18th, 2008


Your City Taxes at Work

After an unseemly hold time, austingoddess began to hear the strangest things
All representatives are currently blowing goats in the back room. Please stay on the line because we are obviously short on funds for actual customer service, and we really want to drive that point home. Please remember this day for the rest of your life whenever city taxes come up for a vote. This could have been avoided. Thank you.

There's more! However, context is still on hold

QWP, non-friend's locked

EDIT to fix link. SHOULD work now. "should" being the operative word, here.
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Help control the Chevy population. Get your pickup spayed or neutered. -gusty

Baskin's comment set off a pet peeve of mine: only mammals (and not all of them... the hedgehog, for instance can never be buggered at all) possess external testicles, I'm pretty sure. So I get annoyed when people draw big swingin' ballsacks on eagles, dragons, beetles (!?!?), etc. in an effort to seem 'edgy' while getting their anatomy fantastically wrong. The moral of the story is I should probably stop browsing deviantart. -keleri

Context hangs low.
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