January 17th, 2008

It Starts Here And Now

In a prison made of origami paper? You know what to do!

I try to explain my brilliant plan for sleeping sometime within the next twenty-four hours:"I'll sleep while I do laundry at Kat's house. You guys can just pile the warm clothing on me--I'll fold my way out!"

Hey, I think it's a great plan... and folding your way out has lots of applications.

Caught inside a bowl of batter with the contents of an egg? Fold your way out!
Surrounded by a menacing army of cloth napkins? Fold your way out!
Been dealt a crappy poker hand? Fold your way out!

...I'll stop now.

-pouringsand is very tired.

Kitty drugs!

bkwrrm_tx' cat is behaving strangely.

Kali has taken a turn for the weird today. First, she hardly ever talks. Today, she won't shut up, and since she has one of those old lady 'too many cigarettes and too much whiskey' voices, it's like being harped at by Katharine Hepburn in a little fur coat.

Context has been into the 'nip. QWP.
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agent may is unimpressed

mice doesn't claim to be a psychologist, but...

I was asking opinions on the Cinematherapy movement, and mice responded:

I'm sorry. This is just awesomely guffawable. Donuts to dollars (both equally delicious) is that there is a questionnaire with these guys that goes like this:

Movie Watched: Transformers
This movie made me feel...: KICK ASS!
While watching the protagonist, I felt: Like he could KICK ASS!
I feel that the antagonist could have grown more if...: He would stop being a pussybot and KICK. ASS.
A lesson I learned from this movie is...: You can save the world...BY KICKING ASS!

Your son can't talk right now; he's in my class. Yes, I'll remind him to wash behind his ears.

In a public post at academics_anon, people talk about first-day-of-class activities.

fountaingirl: Then I go over my policies. My favorite policy is that if your cell phone rings in my class, you have to bring snacks for everyone in the class the next time we meet.

ne_pas: I like that policy! Mine was... if it rings, I answer it.

fountaingirl: I tried that, but the rotters would just hit the little "silence" button and I couldn't get them to turn on each other and identify the culprit. But for food? They would turn on their own grannies. If a phone goes off while I am writing at the board, I turn back around and it looks like Invasion of the Body Snatchers I have so many people pointing at one poor helpless soul.
Me: umbrella

Oh yes, it's another World of Warcraft quote

Over at wow_fanart, xshirox posted a drawing of Thrall, to which lyciphur commented "damn that small shoulders bug tho :P".

xshirox had a good response ready though...sorta. (QWP)

See, I don't see it as a small shoulders bug . . . I see it as "Thrall's casual armor." See, Thrall's had a long, hard day of running the Horde, kicking Alliance butt, fending off raids trying to take him down, and it's time for him to relax. He's got his casual armor on, a kitten nearby in case anyone rolls a Night Elf Hunter, and he's probably going to go work on his epic poem diplomatic correspondence to Jania . . . In short, he saves the big shoulders for business, the small shoulders for casual.

(Or I could be totally making this up off the top of my head . . . )
Ravenclaw - Research Party

xaandria hopes she got the terminology right...

- Corpuscules, played by a collection of pressure-, vibration-, and temperature-sensitive nerve endings located mostly in the subcutaneous fat layer of the dermis.
- Brain, played by the Parietal Lobe of the Cerebrum
- Thalamus, played by Herself.
- Jamie, played by Herself.

SCENE: JAMIE is in the shower. She has just reached up to twist the shower head, and as a result, one centimeter of the epidermis and dermis is pinched in the shower head.

JAMIE: Ow. Dammit.

SCENE: the Cerebrum. A phone begins ringing. The Caller ID reads, CORPUSCLES, RIGHT HAND.
BRAIN: Hello?
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