January 13th, 2008


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khukuri sets the record straight:

Had a Japanese dinner with Dave and jingdono. There was a sake named "Bishounen", but not for very long. Despite what fanfic has told me, bishounen do not taste of leather, cinnamon, danger, or a scent of their very own; they apparently taste like nail-polish remover.

Context could have lived happily forever never knowing that.
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de gustibus non est disputandum.

daft indulged in a lengthy comparison of two bands (The Pixies & Modest Mouse), which ended with this tasty comparison:
In other words, they are both very highly-quality musical bacon, one is just uncured applewood smoked, and the other is, like, uncured maple flavored. Or something.

Hmm. I may be hungry.

Context is friendslocked pop-rock bacon, but QWP.
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QWP from rpeate

Claire Report SHOCKER!

After only one day, I’ve already taken her out of that $#@! modeling agency. First it was whacking her stroller with an umbrella, then it was partying with Paris and Diddy until all hours of the night, but the last straw was beating up paparazzi. I may love her, but I didn’t raise my daughter to be violent, and as long as she is underage it is my responsibility to protect her from herself, which is why this afternoon I sent her to milk rehab.


Taken from here.

Edit: rpeate wants me to point out that his kid is 8 months old.
lol wut; dirt portrait

I thought jerky was supposed to be the OPPOSITE of wet/slimy?

erinsaurus, on the abomination of soy jerky:

"i just tried soy jerky for the first and last time ever.

it was possibly one of the worst things that has ever happened to me. my first reaction was to say "OH NO" over and over again for 15 seconds while i rummaged for my water bottle and tried not to go into a revulsion-coma. it tasted like satan barbecued a fart and rubbed it all around my mouth. it was slimy and the texture was like if a cow's tongue and a can of wet cat food had a baby. my sense of taste has never ever frowned that hard before."