January 12th, 2008

Marvin Snape

Poor parenting strikes again!

xaandria takes issue with poor parenting:

Dear Mother of the Monstrous 4-year-old Triplets:

Congratulations on your achievements in motherhood. I know that I certainly would not have been able to birth and raise three baby girls at the same time; I doubt my ability to raise one. However, I feel I must suggest to you that it may have been better had you eaten them at birth.

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I'll Be In My Bunk

Rather productive day today...

caragana_leaves's Foolproof Method for Assembling a Bed:

Step 1: Insist to all and sundry that you know how to put a bed together. Of course you do. You are, after all, the designated Putter-Together-of-Ikea-Furniture and Decipherer-of-Confusing-Instructions of your family.

Step 2: Investigate the bedframe and remember, somewhat belatedly, that your success with Ikea furniture is due largely to the fact that it comes with instruction books. Realise that you havn't got the foggiest notion how to put the damn thing together.

Step 3: Consider asking for help, but remember that Step 1 has already been completed and remain silent.

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That's all she wrote, folks