January 8th, 2008


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spatialrift47 presents a fandom-friendly take on the 2008 election:

.. Obamaland sounds like a theme park with a Spank the Hillary! ride. I'd go, I'd hit that. I mean. *cough* Okay, so that was a little bit on this side of wrong on seven levels. But for crying out loud, this is the first election in this nation's history which is properly slashable! Why is the internet not all over this like stink on shit? I want to see Barack/Hillary, I want to see Hillary/Giuliani, Romney/Huckabee, Dems/Repubs, Ron Paul/Mike Gravel, Frontrunners/also-rans, whatever! Internets, you have disappointed me.

Cobamatext is worth a read

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elffin says this about Huckabee's constituents:

These are people who work on a farm, at Wal-Mart, at the local office supply store. Their everyday, every month, every year lives DEPEND upon unquestioning loyalty to a massive hierarchical organisation and upon their tight-knit religious community.

They will vote for Huckabee because he has the Republican nomination, because he opposes gay rights, gay marriage, abortion, etc etc etc and they will never know or will actively block thinking about anything "scandalous" short of Huckabee blowing a dead, gay goat.

If it were a dead hetero goat, they'd say it was photoshopped.

Context finds fundamentalist end-times Christianity LARPing somewhat frightening.
agent may is unimpressed

allanc loves him some municipal progress

There were people in the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium today. Presumably, they were working on calculating the radius of the airborne cloud of vicious, green, carcinogen-covered deathspores that would be released if we ever actually do tear this sum'bitch down.

Honestly, it was just fantastic to see anyone actually doing something down there. You see, Buffalo has a tradition of resisting any attempts at progress. Seriously, it's right up there with chicken wings, failing to competently merge, and adding unnecessary definite articles to road names. Every time it looks like something might really happen, citizen groups pop up like spring-loaded prairie dogs to oppose it.

Context comes with rotted load-bearing columns
doomcat both approves and disapproves [r

Nothing says lovin' like ........ um, special bathroom time.

orbasm rocks, and this is why.

"bathroom time is my sacred time. time that i spend with Me getting to know myself a little bit more than last time, never afraid to give the undercarriage a nice "how's your father?" just to make the time spent that much more appreciative. it's a time to recharge, to renew, to expel and to be proud of your accomplishment, in all it's brown floaty form."

Speaking of being a father, context is over here, being the most awesome one ever.
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Mmm, sushi...

Over at wednesdaycomics, there is debating about OMD/future Spidey comics and title dropping:

dragontail: Would you buy sushi for lunch every day if you hated sushi?

gomezvsrufio: Of course I wouldn't eat sushi if I didn't like the way it tasted. But that's where we differ. You wouldn't eat sushi because it isn't married.

dragontail: I may like sushi, but only if it comes with soy sauce ... Mary-Jane Watson-Parker is my soy sauce. Don't tell my girlfriend!

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