January 6th, 2008

Mr. Augh
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I wear webs on the outside because webbed is how I feel on the inside.

In a longer discussion about Spiderman and comic book scripts, theferrett has this canny observation (emphasis mine):
Spider-Man is the most emo comic around - I wouldn't be surprised to see a variant on Spidey where he shoots webs by cutting his own arms - and the point is to have a brave kid struggling against unwinnable odds. If there was a comics crossover from any universe, Peter Parker's true nemesis would be Lucy, forever pulling the football away from him just before the kick.
Context sneaks into a Fall Out Boy concert on the ceiling.
But what happened to your hearts?

Finally, a film we can all agree on

dinosaurcomics stipulates that Stories for Men involve explosions and Stories for Women involve attractive people hugging in the bath
galamb_borong comes up with a story for both Women and Men:

"...as the bathtub explodes, the scene is played out in slow motion with sad piano music and flashbacks to important scenes in their relationship? We then flash forward to the star shaking the love interest saying "Wake up, please, oh God, wake up", not realizing he's already suffered fatal loofah related injuries. Finally, we end with the star in advanced old age, dropping a precious memento off the side of the Hindenberg... and you know what happens next."

Context involves showering dinosaurs.

Ginmar gives cooking lessons

ginmar gives a Lecter^H^H^H^Hlecture on the subject of slow-cookers:

Slow cookers and how to use them, according to me
Step 1:
Pour a small amount of water and/or wine in cooker.

Step 2: Add spicess

Step 3: Place chicken, roast beef, pork, or head of enemy inside.

Step 4.Turn to high.

Step 5:Salivate (or gloat.)

Step 6: Eat or spike, as the situation requires.

Context is looking for the fava beans and chianti...