January 5th, 2008

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In regards to being a priavte person....


me: ...and blah blah blah, and then I went to Spain, so that was fun, I spoke the language, and...
them: OMGWTF!
me: ??
them: You never told me you spoke Spanish! You allowed me to believe you just speak English and French!
me: ... you didn't ask?
them: I feel so betrayed! Our entire friendship is based on a lie!
me: ...our friendship was based on my not being able to speak Spanish?
them: You liar! How could you do this to me? &c.

montrealais in response to what cottoncandygoth
wrote in queer_rage

[football] basti up in the air

Bloody Sims.

paskettios starts off with the best intentions when playing The Sims:

"I would say that then, the shit hits the fan, but that's not what happens. What happens is the shit starts to inexorably inch its way over to the fan, so slowly you don't even know what's happening, then takes a flying suicidal leap at the fan and showers you in... yeah. This is a typical scenario.

Me: Ok family's looking good... yeah that's right, you keep dancing bizarrely you little freak... Oh, looks like your hygeine's down, better take a shower... Oops, spilled a little there, might want to mop that up... Wh- Hey, stop crying. Go - the baby's hungry. Go feed - look, alright, go, go admire this statue. Yeah I thought that would cheer you up. Now - Oh shit the oven's on fire! Get - THE HELL? I forgot to install a fire alarm!?! Ok, this is fine, we can deal, now just - How can you be too hungry to put out a fire?!?? Fine, make yourself some macaroni and cheese. Yeah, you happy now, you pointy headed little shit? Now put out the fucking fire. Don't answer the doorbell! The baby is drowning!!! FUCK. Now it's drowning and on fire. What do you mean Voldemort Jr. got abducted by aliens???"

Public post, QWP nonetheless.