January 4th, 2008


nothing's ever going to change until Congressmen's balls are at stake.

foofy_attorney tells us why we will have some real health care reform by the end of Hillary's presidency:

Hillary Clinton is the devil I know. She's a bit of a ball busting bitch, but I'm reasonably certain I won't have to pay for my own health care by the time we're done, because if nothing else, she'll just keep kicking Congressmen in the balls until they need so much medical attention that they see the wisdom of a single payer system.

QWP. in other news, context explains why Cylons are better than the Republican party.
doctor who - saxon - with my brain
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Author #1 is sitting next to Jack. The Doctor is twice as old as Author #2.

darthhellokitty comes across a puzzler of an author's note:
Note: While there is some Jack/Ianto in this chapter the overall pairing remains Jack/Doctor. Other pairings can only happen when the two of them are not in the same place.

I'm not sure why, but this makes me think of one of those brain teaser things where you can't have a fox and chickens on the same side of the river at the same time... I never could figure those things out.
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Context is working through the Two Time Agents who leave two different space-time continuums at 6:20 pm.

Regarding a certain ficcer:

And your sex scenes are still perfunctory and mechanical and not even close to the hotness of a pan of cold, congealed oatmeal on the cold, dead stove of the sod shanty of a Norwegian bachelor farmer who died of hypothermia at 39 below on the prairie of Roseau County, MN, in the winter of 1899.

Context still isn't done ranting.
QWP, unlocked