January 1st, 2008

wtf_desuka's typos have ill intentions for Shrek

It can happen to the best of us; typos...but what happens when attempted icon love gets spelled wrong? xdirtyxsyringex and noiseheadphone roll with it:

xdirtyxsyringex: ... how did we go from Gackt to this? o.o
noiseheadphone: My fail to our icons to an ogry?
noiseheadphone: ..........OH MY GOD WTF IS AN OGRY?
noiseheadphone: OH MY GOD-------------THAT'S HORRIBLY FUNNY
xdirtyxsyringex: ... DID YOU IMAGINE SHREK TOO?

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sexy beater

Glamperous Geek!

Talking of perversion - Joe and I looked in each others computers this evening. It was a special moment. I showed him my /b/ folder. He showed me his encrypted partitions. I showed him the SMF permissions system. He showed me how to use SSH. It was the most erotic experience I've had in months. Perhaps years.

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Two birds with one stone

lilbrattyteen has this to say about black clothing being "Satanic":

Rock music and black clothing! Oh no!

Wait, don't priests have black clothing? :P

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Also consortofvenus on Catholics:

Not to mention that Catholicism is so very, very goth. And obsessed with death and preparing for it. They call each other mother, bother, sister, father; the original Adam's family.

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