December 31st, 2007

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phyrbyrd has just got fitted for a new bra...

Also, today I was fitted for a bra for the first time in five years. I have gained two cup sizes. I thought I was a B cup, but I'm a 34D. I mean, yes, this is growth over some time but it feels like yesterday I was average and now I have this enormous rack.
Scary stuff. But at least my bra fits now.
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Glass Half Full

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Meet me at midnight for a stolen smooch.

Context is a reporter who pretended to be different people in speed-dating with predictable results.

rosehiptea: At first I thought the whole thing was a joke, but the last paragraph sounds really bitter.

Like every single woman, I walk through life asking: what do men want?

I'm pretty sure this is a joke though. I mean, I'm single and not even all that happy about it but I walk through life asking "Does this 7-11 sell Milk Duds" and "Can I reconcile my views on disability rights with working in a group home" and "Will I ever finish Silent Hill 3?" and... stuff like that.

isntitironic: One of my roomies says that she figures What Men Want is the same as What Women Want - meaning that really, deep down, they have no idea.

greenling: what do men want?

Like, right now? Porkchops.
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Pearl S. Buck, serious

The Hidden Side of the 18th Century

See, yesterday, while some crazy person left me in charge of the library, a woman came up to return a book called Lord John and the Private Matter. I kid you not. Now, we have nice little slots near the door for the depositing of returned books, so I was a little confused. The woman leans over the counter and says, very conspiratorially, "I think you should know that this book has gay stuff in it."

...The way I saw it, I had two options.

Option A: "You don't say! Ma'am, I am so sorry. We'll have our Library Gestapo place a pink triangle on the cover immediately."

Option B: "Um...okay."

I was very seriously afraid that the sarcasm of Option A would escape her, and I hated the meek acceptance of Option B, so I just said, "Oh, thanks!" and immediately checked it out to myself.

Context enjoys gay soldiers.
Mystique hates you bitches
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Deconstructing Sweeney Todd

quizzicalsphinx deconstructs Sweeney Todd, package by package:

Borat was also in this, as the aforementioned Great Pirelli. His were the trousers that tipped the scale from "so that's how he's hitting the high notes" to "oh my God, I did not need to know whether or not he was circumcised." But it's Borat. We've seen him in a mankini. We know as much about his area as we are ever going to know without exploratory surgery and a multiphoton microscope.

Context clearly isn't worried about compromising sperm count.