December 26th, 2007


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cherry_pizza on Santa and Breakfast News

Channel surfing this morning, it seems that both Today and Sunrise decided to have segments on Santa's flight plan.

It really says a lot about the demographics of breakfast news programs if they expect their viewers to believe in Santa Claus.


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Post-Christmas edition.

    Nothing says "love" like a carefully-devised attempt to mislead and confuse you. It's like a Christmas hug.

-The Ferrett, in an ode to his wife's successful attempts to fool him into
thinking he won't be getting what he thinks he's getting.

Public post, QWOP, but I'm not too worried.


On Christingle...

Am narrating Christingle [...] tomorrow. This means being Perky on the subject of Maryanjoseph and the Babyjeezus (as all the babies playing angels and so on call them). Jesus himself is ten weeks old and called Oliver. His mother is jumpy. I seriously do not blame her; Mary is seven and not desperately bright.

- slasheuse, QWP and flocked here.

By popular demand!

slasheuse updates us on the Christingle service...

1. The Christingle. I was, can-I-just-say, a huge fucking hit. My perkiness on the subject of Maryanjoseph and the Babyjeezus was unparalleled and my bellowing into the abyss not unappreciated. The masks made by my mother for the small people in the choir were not unsuccessful, and the whole thing was rather like a Medieval guild play. Laura looked cute and bemused. And was given a Christingle. Because, y'know, twenty-five is exactly the same thing as "children". Mary did not drop the Babyjeezus. He did not cry, merely looked traumatised before returning to his mother. Hilariously, he wore his fluff-trimmed parka-with-ears-snowsuit throughout. The angels tripped up the wise men. It was biblical. I cut out the jokes about Marriott because I simply couldn't bear them.

Edit: Sorry, forgot the context possibly because it is, as the last one, friends locked.