December 24th, 2007

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Not a good idea....

From captainsblog:

Go me. I got called a "jerk" by one of the women under this roof and a "twit" by the other.

The best part? I wasn't even in a particular fight with either of them, but rather referreeing one between them.


Forget the FDA. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms should be the one regulating estrogen as a hazardous material.

Context...never get involved in an argument between two women....QWP

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I like carolers, but the ones exhibiting mental acuity

apocalypsos had an encounter last night:

Dear carolers,

It's lovely that you want to dress up in little Santa hats and get wee little candle flashlights and go outside to sing for everyone after night falls.

Here's a thought -- next time, DON'T STAND IN THE Collapse ) STREET.

Did you all make it through the night okay? Did any of you happen to notice that you were standing on the other side of a blind curve, or that you'd opted to take up an entire Collapse ) lane of traffic when you were standing across from the expansive opening to the elementary school driveway AND the dirt parking lot at its base? Or were you trying to get plowed down like a crowd full of "God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen"-bleating bowling pins? 'Cause let me tell you, if that was your plan, kudos! I didn't get you, but I'm sure somebody did eventually.

Winners, the lot of you.

Context inspires video-game-scene mental images.

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The ever-witty genkisamurai discusses linguistics:

It's a good thing that we never stop and think about just how crazy language is. Think about how one of our future tenses is just whacking "will" between the subject and the verb ("I will poop" &c.) In other, stand-alone instances, will refers to your intention ("My will be done", "We read his will", &c.). So our future tense evolved out of basically making promises? We're not saying "The future and my idea are identical," we're saying "The future is shaped by my desire." That's crazy! Or arrogant? Or... sexually attractive? They say girls like confidence. Did English evolve to impress girls?