December 12th, 2007

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Insert "down under" pun here.

From active_apathy, completely sans permission:

Lastly, and very literally straight from the headlines: Coalition MP 'stripped and handcuffed to pole'. From the story:

A senior Coalition politician has been outed visiting a Russian strip club, where he wound up stripped to his underpants and handcuffed to a pole.


"The partly clothed senator fled the St Petersberg joint after a fight broke out between Russian sailors and other patrons," a Sydney newspaper reports today.
Apart from a reminder that the Coalition are our right-wing types, there's... really nothing to add. Except, maybe, clothes.

Context has footnotes.
Flash Gordon  -  Flaming Rocket of Lurve

Remember, don't squee and drive!

misspamela is looking forward to season two of Torchwood:
This is kind of embarrassing. Um. While I was driving to work this morning, I realized just how long it had been since I watched the Jack/Ianto kiss and I um, got excited? And I kind of flailed a bit? And I might have had my hands on the steering wheel at the time. And maybe, just maybe, there is a snowbank in Southern NH with an impression of my bumper in it. MAYBE.

My life is complex. I'm not sure that my coworkers really understood that I was late due to homoerotic glee.

Context is STUPID excited.